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pryor baird change the world (the voice performance)

Pryor Baird & Kaleb Lee Reveal Their Late-Night In-N-Out Run & The Hottest 'The Voice' Romances
The Voice 2018 - After the Elimination: Jackie Foster, Kaleb Lee, Pryor Baird and Rayshun LaMarr
Pryor Baird- I Was Wrong Studio Version
"Change the World" by Pryor Baird (Studio Version)
'The Voice': Rayshun LaMarr, Jackie Foster, Pryor Baird & Kaleb Lee Predict Who Will Win Season 14
Pryor Baird "Kill Me One Time"
The Voice 2018 Pryor Baird - My Town "Top 10"
Pryor Baird
The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee & Pryor Baird - Hillbilly Bone/Hillbilly Deluxe "Semifinals"
The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee vs. Pryor Baird - Don’t Do Me Like That "Battle"
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